Collegium Helveticum

Ettore Camerlenghi
Early-Career Fellow 2024–2025

Behavioural ecology
Fellowship duration
September 01, 2024–June 30, 2025

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Ettore Camerlenghi (born 1990 in Italy) is an evolutionary biologist and ecologist interested in understanding how and why animals form cooperative relationships and how complexity arises from their social interactions. His research combines theoretical approaches with fieldwork to investigate the emergence of complex multilevel animal societies, where individuals form groups that are members of bands, and these bands are organized into clans, similar to most traditional human hunter-gatherer societies.

Ettore received his PhD from Monash University (AU) in 2023, where he described the first known multilevel society of a songbird. To address his research questions, he applies hypotheses and theories from anthropology and primatology to birds, which he studies in both Australia and the Peruvian Amazon. Ettore is frequently involved in science communication and public outreach, contributing to podcasts, articles for science communication platforms, newspapers such as The Conversation, The Guardian, and ABC, as well as magazines and documentaries.