Collegium Helveticum

Charlotte Müller
Early-Career Fellow 2024–2025

Learning sciences
Fellowship duration
September 01, 2024–June 30, 2025

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Charlotte Müller (born in 1995 and raised in Switzerland) is a chemist and a learning scientist. Her research focuses on the role of bodies in understanding imperceptible concepts. How did the way chemists interact with and exist in the world shape chemical practice historically, and how does this affect learning today? How do we relate to concepts that we cannot experience? At the Collegium Helveticum, she is interested in looking at the role of inter-domain mappings in chemistry. How do terms such as “bonding,” barrier,” or “attack” affect how we reason about chemical processes? She thereby works at the intersection of chemistry education, embodied cognition, and philosophy of chemistry.

Charlotte received her PhD from ETH Zurich in 2023, investigating learning quantum chemistry through sensorimotor experience. Prior to this, she completed a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Molecular Sciences at the University of Bern (CH), followed by a Master’s degree in Computational Science at the University of Zurich (CH) and a certificate in science journalism from the MAZ, an Institute for Journalism and Communication in Switzerland.