Collegium Helveticum

Noé Brasier
Early-Career Fellow 2023–2024
Affiliate 2024–2025

Translational medicine
Fellowship duration
September 20, 2023–June 30, 2024

Associated with

Noé Brasier (born 1983 in Bremerhaven, Germany) is a medical doctor by training with a specialization in internal medicine from the FMH Swiss Medical Association. His research focuses on the translation of wearable biofluid analysis into clinical application. Wearable biofluid analysis is a promising novel approach to revolutionize patient care by enabling continuous, mostly non-invasive, and lab-independent health and disease monitoring.

Noé graduated from MedSchool of the University of Basel, Switzerland, in 2015 and received his medical doctoral degree in 2018 from the University of Basel. After concluding his clinical training in internal medicine in 2021, he was awarded a MedLab Fellowship by the ETH Zurich, where he continued his research work at the Institute of Translational Medicine. Noé currently teaches translational medicine to students of ETH Zurich and also acts as a medical consultant for the BA in medicine at ETH Zurich.