Collegium Helveticum


The fellowship program at the Collegium is open to academics and artists of all backgrounds and disciplines. This diversity of perspectives and experiences is fundamental to the fellowship community, making the Collegium a vibrant place for exchange and engagement between various disciplines and audiences.


Early-career & senior fellows

Early-career fellows are postdoctoral researchers or art school graduates at an equivalent stage in their career who are employed full-time for ten months by the Collegium to pursue the projects they proposed in their application. Senior fellows are established artists or academics who work at the Collegium during a visiting fellowship at ETH Zurich, the University of Zurich, or the Zurich University of the Arts. A fellowship year runs from September 1 to June 30.

Associate fellows

Associate fellows act as academic partners for both early-career and senior fellows at one of the three supporting universities. As local faculty members, they support the fellowship application, help the international fellows establish contacts in Zurich, and often provide access to additional infrastructure at their institution.

Previous fellowship years

While new fellow cohorts emerge with each fellowship year, the Collegium is a growing community of fellows. The resulting international network with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and disciplines brings tangible benefits to the fellows and the local academic ecosystem.