Collegium Helveticum
Symposium Workshop

Integrating Science, Physiotherapists, and Robots in Rehabilitation


Morning: ETH main building, HG E 42 (Pallmann Room), Rämistrasse 101, 8006 Zurich
Afternoon: ETH ML Clausiusstrasse 2, 8006 Zürich and ETH GLC, Gloriastrasse 37/39, 8006 Zurich

Please register for the morning and afternoon sessions here. Participation is free of charge.

The workshop is followed by a small reception.

How can science integrate physiotherapists and rehabilitation robotics to improve patient outcomes? In a morning symposium, through a series of thought-provoking presentations and discussions, this question will be probed, parsed, and pondered by scientists, clinicians, and engineers from Switzerland and the United States. After a standing lunch, Professor Robert Reiner, Director of the Sensory-Motor Systems (SMS) Lab at ETH, will give an overview of his group’s groundbreaking research in the space of rehabilitation robotics. In the afternoon, attendees can participate in interactive demonstrations of the SMS Lab’s ongoing research projects, including robotic arms, beds, wheelchairs, and exoskeletons – all aimed at helping improve the quality of life for people with sensory, motor, or cognitive impairments. A closing reception with drinks and snacks will follow the demonstrations.


ETH main building; HG E 42 (Pallmann Room)


Arrival to the venue

Coffee, tea, and snacks


Opening and welcome remarks


Integrating Science, Physiotherapists, and Robots in Rehabilitation

Roger Gassert
ETH Zurich, CH      

CJ Hasson
Northeastern University, USA

Markus Wirz
Zurich University of Applied Sciences, CH


Standing lunch


Robotics for Rehabilitation at the Sensory-Motor Systems Lab

Robert Reiner
ETH Zurich, CH


Guided transfer to the ML building for interactive demonstrations

Address: Clausiusstrasse 2, 8006 Zurich


ETH Zürich, ML and GLC building


Arrival at ML building

Meeting point is outside the ML building ground floor (next to the ETH Store). If traveling independently (i.e., not with the group from the ETH main building), please arrive by 13:10.


Interactive Demonstrations
Part I

Arm Rehabilitation Robotics


Guided transfer to GLC building

Address: Gloriastrasse 37/39, 8006 Zürich


Arrival at GLC building

Meeting point is the main ground floor lobby (Floor E) of GLC. If travelling independently (i.e., not with the group from the ETH Main Building), please arrive by 14:10.


Interactive Demonstrations
Part II

Sleep Robotics

Wearable Robotics

Wearable Bio-​sensing and AI for Healthcare


Reception with snacks and drinks

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