Collegium Helveticum
Still from the movie Forest | An Evocation by Mali Weil Mali Weil
Film screening

Forests | An Evocation


With a short introduction by the artists Mali Weil.
The film is shown in Italian with English subtitles.
No registration required.

Forests are ubiquitous in the Global North imagination. Perhaps because many things have happened in the forest. Some of which have to do with law, others with language—all of them with relationships. Forests | An evocation is a tale, a fiction. The film is also a ritual capable of overturning the categories through which we think of the world, of our relationships, and the political space in which we exist.

Mali Weil’s first feature film Forest | An Evocation (Italy, 2022) collects the legacy of three years of research on the legal relationships that the Global North maintains with the physical and conceptual space of the forest. Forests | An evocation is a film, but it’s also an experience conceived to see and dream differently.

The film screening of Forest | An Evocation (Italy, 2022) was the public part of the workshop “Rethinking Law Beyond Linear Time and the Individual Subject,” which took take place the following day.

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